pot for one £1.00
pot for two £1.50
pot for three £2.00
pot for four £2.50
Earl Grey tea & speciality teas – as above plus 10p
Fresh filtered: cup £1.10, mug £1.40
Instant/Decaffeinated: cup £1.00, mug £1.20
All the above served with cold or hot milk or cream
All milk coffee: cup £1.40, mug £1.60
Hot Chocolate: cup £1.40, mug £1.60
Bovril: cup £0.80, mug £1.00

Cold drinks

Milkshake: Strawberry/Banana/Chocolate £1.20
Glass of cold milk 80p
Fruit juice: Apple/Orange 80p
Squash 50p
Coke/Diet Coke £1.00
Victorian Lemonade £1.50
Bottle Green Elderflower £1.50

Light Bites

Bread and teacakes are from Evershot local bakers

British Mature Cheddar Cheese on Toast
1 thick slice £2.50

Baked Beans on Toast
1 thick slice £2.00

Bacon Bap served with Locally produced bacon
with either tomato Ketchup or brown sauce £2.30

Bacon Sandwich served with Locally produced bacon
with either tomato ketchup or brown sauce £2.60

Soup of the day
served with brown or white bread £3.50

Crumpets: 2 crumpets with butter/Flora £1.00

Toast: 2 slices of fresh locally baked bread (with butter/Flora) £1.30

Toasted Teacake from the Local Bakers: (with butter/Flora) £1.30

Homemade scone (either fruit or cheese): (with butter/Flora) £1.00

Homemade Cookies 30p

Cakes – various prices
Gluten Free usually available, please ask

Butter/Flora 20p
Homemade Jam/Marmalade 30p
Marmite 30p
Cheese for crumpets 80p